A platform for trans-individual artists to sell eco-friendly goods.

Transforma business cards on craft paper with stripe

Mission-driven and focused on empowerment, Transforma aims to transform the lives of trans-individuals through their unique online e-commerce platform. We created an identity that’s progressive, smart, and stylish with a slight nod to the transgender logo.

Business cards stacked on craft paper with angle
Transforma logo identity design
Transforma logo icon
Logo icon pattern animation
Logo icon pattern on tissue paper in package
I was admittedly skeptical that my initial vision could be captured in an ultimate finished product - but not only did I feel as though the design team fully understood my hopes for a concept, they executed the end vision seamlessly. I'm thrilled by the process and the result. I would recommend Riser to anyone and plan to use them again for future projects. Shawn Kravich Founder & CEO, Transforma