Me Nature

Organic baking mixes made from simple, clean, from-the-earth ingredients.

Nurture Me Nature packaging Banana Pancake flavor in kitchen setting

After suffering years of digestive pain, Marina, Nurture Me Nature’s founder, created the perfect healthy product to soothe her stomach and her tastebuds. Then she went on to share it with the world. Her story inspired an optimistic, nature-focused design. And then we threw in a bunny, because who doesn’t love bunnies?

Bunny running illustration animation
Flowers illustration
Banana Pancake packaging with healthy ingredients in kitchen
Nurture Me Nature logo animation
Nurture Me Nature Banana Pancake flavor packaging
Nurture Me Nature Chocolate Pancake flavor packaging
Nurture Me Nature back panel packaging
Groundhog illustration animation with flowers
Pouring healthy pancake mix into bowl in kitchen
Working with Riser was an absolutely, unbelievably amazing process for my company. The new packaging looks incredible. It captured the heart of my company. It captured MY OWN heart – what I envisioned this company to be. It went WAY beyond my expectations AND my sales literally doubled the next year. On a personal note, they are also very genuine people who really care about your business. They went way beyond what they were supposed to do. I honestly felt they deeply, deeply cared about my success and this made me feel very supported. Marina Levit CEO, Nurture Me Nature