Fit Bake

A line of bake kits that lets you have your cake and be healthy too.


After growing an impressive and loyal following on Instagram, Fit Bake’s founder wanted to take what people loved about her traditional dessert recipes (health-centric, taste-full) and create convenient, ready-to-bake cake mixes and frostings. The first line of its kind, Fit Bake’s products pack some hard-earned nutritional claims while still delivering incredible made-from-scratch tastes and textures.

Craving a modern, cheerful look to disrupt the health aisle, we focused on a visual language that’s both vibrant and celebratory of the amazing texture and deliciousness in each Fit Bake creation. For the cake mixes, hero product shots highlight oversized “bites” to show off the soft and moist texture. Cascading sprinkles add a fun finishing touch. The result is a design that puts the shopper “in the moment” with irresistible appetite appeal, then seals the deal with bold health call-outs.