B.T.R. Bar

Superfood bars with a purpose.


The world doesn’t need just another bar, the world needs BETTER. B.T.R. Bar is a new-to-market nutrition bar on a mission to end mindless snacking for good. Filled with purpose-driven superfoods and adaptogens to fuel your AM to PM, BTR Bar is a snack that’s raising the bar, literally.

We gave the brand a modern and compelling look to help break through a crowded category and appeal to B.T.R. Bar’s target consumer looking for more than just your average bar. The design speaks to the boldness and optimism of the company’s mission to help you snack better to live better, aka B.T.R., while highlighting the flavor and unique functional benefits.

By creating a unified system of content, we built a platform for B.T.R. Bar to stand out in social media feeds with eye catching visuals that promote consistency, drive engagement, and connect with audiences.

The words 'above and beyond' don't even scratch the surface when it comes to how Paul and Camila approach every project. I've never had a stronger partnership than I do with Riser in all my years in business. The quality of their work is exceptional, and they immediately captured the essence of my brand and vision. Good packaging is essential for any business. It's the entry point for your customers. But Paul and Camila don't just give you good packaging, they give you EXCEPTIONAL packaging that represents you and your business perfectly! I'm a self-funded solopreneur, and it's the best investment I could make. I truly trust Paul and Camila with my brand's life, and I cannot thank them enough for everything they've done for B.T.R. Bar. Their attention to detail, innovative design concepts, they're one-of-a-kind! Ashley Marie Founder & Chief Snack Officer, B.T.R. Bar