Riser is


Crafting unforgettable experiences. We know that design can be a game changer, whether you’re a one man show or a billion dollar corporation. And while a pretty design might catch an eye or two, the best design solutions connect with audiences on a much deeper level. We help brands find their meaning and leverage design to tell their unique story.


We know
the ropes.

From local start-ups to Fortune 500 and 100 brands. We’ve seen it all. Our story started in New York, as a pair of designers working with the brightest minds and top tier agencies in the business. From there, our journey took us out west to California working both face-to-face and remotely with clients all over the globe. We know what works, and what doesn’t. That’s why we shave away the fluff to get you where you need to be faster.

We keep climbing.

Our name isn’t just a word. It’s a symbol of our beliefs. We started Riser as a way to maximize all the good things in life and to never settle for the status quo. This means pushing ourselves to come up with creative that’s good for your business and your audiences, while factoring in the good of the planet and our team of people.

We achieve together.

Our clients are our motivation and our inspiration. And that’s because we work with the best brands around, those rich in value and ripe with potential. It’s through your success that we will measure ours.

Paul Marcucilli Co-founder & wearer of too many hats (and cool sneakers). With 16+ years design experience working with leading global brands, Paul knows what’s up. An expert problem solver full of ideas, he believes there is no challenge too big and can pull off just about anything.
Camila Drozd Co-founder & lover of McIntosh apples and mini dachshunds. With features in many notable publications and blogs, Camila is known for her skillful custom lettering and attention to detail. No matter the task at hand, she won’t stop until every pixel is perfect.