Riser is


Building a better company that partners with better partners. We’re two designers, who after consulting for a slew of top notch design agencies in several major cities across the US and abroad, decided to take our combined expertise and make a run for it. Riser is a way for us to challenge ourselves to do things – everything – better than the industry standard. It's a place where deserving brands, those looking to bring wellness and happiness to the world, come to tell their story.


We know
the ropes.

We've worked for the biggest brand names. Our packaging designs fill grocery store shelves. And while this gave us solid training and a platform for delivering amazing creative, the types of companies and products we were pushing left us feeling not so great. So we created Riser. Riser is about a streamlined creative process, where small companies can afford game-changing design.

We keep climbing.

Our name isn’t just a word. It’s a symbol of our beliefs. We started Riser as a way to maximize all the good things in life and to never settle for the status quo. This means pushing ourselves to come up with creative that’s good for your business and your audiences, while factoring in the good of the planet and our team of people.

We achieve together.

Awesome clients keep us climbing. We don’t like to eat junk or put crap in our bodies. We like to spend time outdoors and keep active. That’s why we hand-select our clients, taking on work that makes us feel good, because the companies behind them are doing good. We’ve worked for nearly every Fortune 500 out there, and now we’re ready to give the new, niche, and emerging an upper hand.

Paul Marcucilli Co-founder & wearer of too many hats (and cool sneakers). With 16+ years design experience working with leading global brands, Paul knows what’s up. An expert problem solver full of ideas, he believes there is no challenge too big and can pull off just about anything.
Camila Drozd Co-founder & lover of McIntosh apples and mini dachshunds. With features in many notable publications and blogs, Camila is known for her skillful custom lettering and attention to detail. No matter the task at hand, she won’t stop until every pixel is perfect.